About Jenny Faye

I'm a mom of four active teenagers and two crazy, yet sweet, boxer pups.  Most of my working outside-the-home years included trying to climb the corporate ladder of the pharmaceutical world, which was really just plain exhausting (Let's be honest... a mother's job never ends).  After marrying Jason three years ago, making the decision to stay home with our kiddos, and moving across town, I decided I needed to create something that was "mine."

I love empowering women to feel confident and beautiful in the skin/body God's have given them.  I believe creating a unique look that you can feel confident and comfortable in allows her to take on her many roles throughout the day with more passion and enthusiasm, while being the best she can be.

HaPe is representative of my two children, Peter and Harry, who truly do make me happy.  "Ha" for Harry, and "Pe" for Peter.  Chic means "elegantly and stylishly fashionable."  Thus, I have named my boutique HaPe Chic, pronounced Happy Sheek. 

I hope you browse my boutique and feel free to share with me what your own personal style is.  I'd love to know what you are looking to find and help you create your best self.  Maybe we will even find something a little out of your comfort zone, further expressing yourself.  :)

Love, Jenny Faye